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Lorcana TCG – Rise Of The Floodborn: Spoilers part one

Lorcana TCG Rise Of The FloodBorn: Spoilers part one.

The Second set for Lorcana TCG has been announced: Rise Of The Floodborn.

Another 200+ card set will see characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Tiana join the fold along with themes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Zootopia, The Great Mouse Detective, The Jungle Book and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Several cards have been announced already and we will take a look at them:

Resist Keyword

Characters Cinderella – Stouthearted and Tiana – Celebrating Princess (both from the steel glimmer) sees the introduction of a new Keyword, Resist. Damage dealt to a character with resist will be reduced by the number following it. In these examples, they both have resist +2 which means if you deal five damage, they will only receive three.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Steel resist

Cinderella – Stouthearted has shift. We currently only have Cinderella – Gentle and Kind from the Amber glimmer in the game so perhaps we will see some other variations of this character in the new set.

Belle - Hidden Archer

There are already a number of Emerald characters (Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue and Mad Hatter – Gracious Host for example) which are extremely frustrating to play against when challenging them. Belle – Hidden Archer follows suit. Make sure to take her out in one shot if you have no cards in hand or better yet, play around her ability by disposing of her with damage from hand.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Belle

Gaston - Intellectual Powerhouse

Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse has a built-in Develop Your Brain, allowing you to look at the top three cards rather than the top two. Will this replace the action card completely? Gaston does cost six ink and is a non-inkable card however with a quest value of three lore and strength & Willpower stats of four he looks pretty good. He is able to shift, though like Cinderella there is only one other option (Gaston – Arrogant Hunter) from The First Chapter. Will see another version of him?

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Gaston


From the Amethyst glimmer we see five new cards:

Winnie The Pooh – Hunny Wizard whose artwork will also feature on a brand new playmat for the new set, can quest for two lore and has five strength & five willpower. A solid option for the cost of five ink.

I’m Stuck is a new action card – Chosen exerted character can’t ready at the start of their next turn. This will certainly see plenty of action as it will force your opponent to reset characters in order to make use of them during their turn.

We also see another Elsa character (Gloves Off) who has Challenger +3. This version of Elsa seems a lot more viable than some of the other versions we have in the game already.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Amethyst

Merlin – Shapeshifter looks interesting and there will be several options to achieve his “Battle of Wits” ability: Whenever one of your other characters is returned to your hand from play, this character gets +1 lore this turn. Obviously this doesn’t work if you return a character to your hand from your discard pile, only from play. However opponents playing cards against you such as Befuddle, Mother Knows Best, Dr Facilier- Agent Provocateur, Marshmallow – Persistent Guardian and Genie – On The Job will work. Perhaps there will be certain scenarios you might want to play some of them on your own characters to get the ability off.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Merlin

The Sorcerer’s Spellbook is an item card. You can exert it and spend one ink to gain one lore. We haven’t had a card in the game yet that allows you to do this without having to challenge and banish an opposing character (Te Ka – Heartless and Simba – Rightful Heir come to mind). Having the Spellbook in play will allow you to focus on challenging with your characters rather than questing, knowing you still have ways to gain lore.


The Queen – Commanding Presence from the Amber glimmer is an interesting one. Usually a character’s shift value is two less than the ink cost however this character is three less. Ideally you will be looking to shift (currently only one from The First Chapter in The Queen – Wicked And Vain from the Amethyst glimmer) to make use of her ability as soon as possible as when she quests she is able to give a chosen opposing character -4 strength and a chosen character +4 strength this turn. This is massive. She will certainly be targeted quickly however she does strike back for four in a challenge.


Two other new cards from the Amber glimmer are Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face and Zero to Hero, both allowing you to play your next character at a reduced cost.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers


Dinner Bell is a card draw option for Ruby. Challenge with the character that has the highest Willpower stat (obviously not letting them get banished during the challenge) and you could draw up to 5, 6 or even 7 cards in some cases. Of course this is rather situational and will take up a non-inkable slot in your deck so perhaps not a staple card but one for casual play.

Raya – Warrior Of Kumandra is another card announced for the Ruby glimmer and with a strength of five, the Princess can benefit from a reset from the likes of Moana – Of Motunui from the Amber glimmer in The First Chapter. Raya features on the products for the new set so I am sure this is not the only version of her.

We are super excited from the release of the new Lorcana TCG set: Rise Of The Floodborn which is released November 2023.