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Lorcana TCG – Rise Of The Floodborn: Spoilers part two

Lorcana TCG Rise Of The FloodBorn: Spoilers part two.

More spoilers from Lorcana TCG: Rise Of The Floodborn!


For the cost of two ink, Bounce lets you return a chosen character of yours to your hand to return another chosen character to their player’s hand. 

It can be a versatile option depending on the situation; Extremely satisfying playing this defensively on one of your low cost characters to return an opposing big character to your opponent’s hand. Particularly pleasing if you have challenged and have damage on your character. Alternatively, you could return a character to your hand should you need to ink this turn. Playing it more offensively will allow you to make use of a characters on-play ability again.

There are also ways to loop the action card back to your hand with cards such as Do It Again and Lady Tremaine – Wicked Stepmother.

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Bounce

How does Bounce compare to similar action cards? Mother Knows Best is also a non-inkable card however costs one more ink to play. Additionally, it is a song which gives you other ways to pay for it. Befuddle from Amethyst is cheaper but the stipulation being that you can only return a character (or an item) costing two or less. Both don’t require you to return one of your characters first like Bounce does.

It seems you are more likely to get to play Mothers Knows Best or Befuddle, however Bounce has some versatility depending on the situation you find yourself in.

The Prince

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers The Prince

The Prince – Never Gives Up is another Steel character with the new resist keyword. At the cost of three ink he looks like a solid option as he also has Bodyguard and can quest for two lore. Does a Bodyguard character like this with resist make some of the other bodyguard characters from The First Chapter less viable?



This leads onto Cogsworth- Grandfather Clock. His ability ‘Unwind’ gives all of your other characters Resist +1. If you are wanting to make use of this keyword with your bodyguard characters to turn them into even tougher roadblocks, then you are limited to deckbuilding with Sapphire and Steel or Amber. Deckbuilding with other inks though will certainly make use out of his ability and will provide some protection to them making this character a clear target. He also has Ward which means he will need to be challenged or banished in a way that doesn’t include the word “chosen”. His shift ability means you are able to play him fairly early on in the game. With the introduction of the new Resist Keyword in The Rise Of Floodborn, this character is a way of changing The First Chapter without having to errata any existing cards in the game.

Cogsworth – Talking Clock provides your Reckless characters some more value, allowing them to exert in order to gain one lore.

Flynn Rider

Lorcana TCG Rise of the Floodborn Spoilers Flynn Rider

Lastly, from the Emerald ink we see another one cost vanilla character in Flynn Rider – Confident Vagabond brought to the game. With a strength of one, Willpower of three and a quest value of one lore, this is similar to characters such as Olaf – Friendly Snowman from Amethyst and Minnie Mouse – Always Classy from Ruby. It is certainly necessary for these types of characters in the game.