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Lorcana TCG Gameplay Decklists: Pirates VS Magic

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Here are the decklists: Pirates (Amber/Steel) VS Magic (Amethyst/Emerald) from our recent gameplay video which can be found over on our YouTube channel HERE.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amber and Steel inks. There are a total of 16 Amber cards and 44 Steel cards. A total of 48 Characters and 12 Action cards, 4 of which are songs. There are 40 inkable and 20 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Pirates deck Amber/Steel technicals



4x Captain Hook – Captain of the Jolly Roger, 4x Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist, 4x Captain Hook – Thinking a Happy Thought, 4x Heihei – Boat Snack, 4x Lilo – Galactic Hero, 4x Lilo – Making a Wish, 4x Mr. Smee – Loyal First Mate, 4x Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave, 4x Sebastian – Court Composer, 4x Starkey – Hook’s Henchman, 4x Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy, 4x Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician.


4x Fire The Cannons!, 4x Grab Your Sword, 4x Smash.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Pirates (Amber/Steel) decklist


This is a Pirate themed deck. All three of the Captain Hook characters are worth getting down on the deck. Captain Hook – Captain of the Jolly Roger lets you loop Fire The Cannons! back to your hand which can be a useful combo at times. Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist and honorary pirate  Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave (who’s steering a boat) are decent challengers. The rest of Hook’s crew are made up of Starkey – Hook’s Henchman and Mr. Smee – Loyal First Mate.

Intergalactic pirate Lilo – Galactic Hero can hold her own with a decent Strength value and quest of two lore.

Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy is always first choice in any Steel deck and there is no exception here. She is useful in making opponents’ characters walk the plank.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amethyst and Emerald inks. There are a total of 42 Amethyst cards and 18 Emerald cards. A total of 44 Characters and 16 Action cards, 12 of which are songs. There are 44 inkable and 16 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Magic deck Amethyst/Emerald technicals



4x Dr. Facilier – Agent Provocateur, 4x Dr. Facilier – Charlatan, 4x Dr. Facilier – Remarkable Gentleman, 4x Genie – On the Job, 4x Genie – The Ever Impressive, 2x Jafar – Wicked Sorcerer, 4x Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade, 2x Maleficent – Biding Her Time, 4x Maleficent – Sorceress, 2x Megara – Pulling the Strings, 4x Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer, 4x Yzma – Alchemist, 2x Zeus – God of Lightning


4x Befuddle, 4x Friends On The Other Side, 4x Mother Knows Best, 4x Sudden Chill.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Magic (Amethyst/Emerald) decklist

Strategy for

This is a Magic/Sorcerer themed deck. There are several options depending on how the game goes.

All Dr. Facilier characters are included here with the idea of shifting into Dr. Facilier – Agent Provocateur when possible.

Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer allows you to play Brooms for less and to loop them back to your hand while Magic Broom – Bucket Brigade can loop a card from your discard back into your deck.

There are several ways to bounce opponents characters with Befuddle, Mother Knows Best, and Genie – On The Job.

Watch the Gameplay Video