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Lorcana TCG Gameplay Decklists: Princesses VS Pirates

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Here are the decklists: Princesses (Amber/Sapphire) VS Pirates (Amber/Steel) from our recent gameplay video which can be found over on our YouTube channel HERE.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amber and Sapphire inks. There are a total of 36 Amber cards and 24 Sapphire cards. A total of 44 Characters and 16 Action cards, 12 of which are songs. There are 52 inkable and 8 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Princesses deck Amber/Sapphire technicals



4x Aurora – Regal Princess, 2x Aurora – Briar Rose, 4x Aurora – Dreaming Guardian, 4x Ariel – On Human Legs, 4x Ariel – Spectacular Singer, 4x Cinderella – Gentle and Kind, 2x Jasmine – Disguised, 4x Lilo – Making a Wish, 4x Minnie Mouse -– Beloved Princess, 4x Moana – Of Motunui, 4x Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing, 4x Simba – Protective Cub


4x Be Our Guest, 4x Develop Your Brain, 4x Let It Go, 4x One Jump Ahead

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Princesses Amber/Sapphire decklist


The deck is stacked with lots of Princess characters, each offering something unique. Be Our Guest will allow you to sift through your deck to look for them. The dream play is to have lots of Princess characters out to allow Moana – Of Motunui to reset them all.

Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing finds herself in most Amber builds for her healing and card draw and she fits perfectly in a Princess deck. Cinderella – Gentle and Kind is also useful at healing Princess characters.

Despite the thematic Princess build, an Amber deck can’t be an Amber deck without the classic Turn 1: Lilo – Making a Wish, Turn 2: Simba – Protective Cub play. Furthermore, Simba offers some protection to your other characters.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amber and Steel inks. There are a total of 16 Amber cards and 44 Steel cards. A total of 48 Characters and 12 Action cards, 4 of which are songs. There are 40 inkable and 20 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Pirates deck Amber/Steel technicals



4x Captain Hook – Captain of the Jolly Roger, 4x Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist, 4x Captain Hook – Thinking a Happy Thought, 4x Heihei – Boat Snack, 4x Lilo – Galactic Hero, 4x Lilo – Making a Wish, 4x Mr. Smee – Loyal First Mate, 4x Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave, 4x Sebastian – Court Composer, 4x Starkey – Hook’s Henchman, 4x Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy, 4x Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician.


4x Fire The Cannons!, 4x Grab Your Sword, 4x Smash.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Pirates (Amber/Steel) decklist

Strategy for

This is a Pirate themed deck. All three of the Captain Hook characters are worth getting down on the deck. Captain Hook – Captain of the Jolly Roger lets you loop Fire The Cannons! back to your hand which can be a useful combo at times. Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist and honorary pirate  Prince Eric – Dashing and Brave (who’s steering a boat) are decent challengers. The rest of Hook’s crew are made up of Starkey – Hook’s Henchman and Mr. Smee – Loyal First Mate.

Intergalactic pirate Lilo – Galactic Hero can hold her own with a decent Strength value and quest of two lore.

Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy is always first choice in any Steel deck and there is no exception here. She is useful in making opponents’ characters walk the plank.

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