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Lorcana TCG: Seven Dwarfs – Deck Profile (Amber/Amethyst)

Seven Dwarfs - Deck Profile (Amber/Amethyst) by LaserGaming

In a recent LaserGaming gameplay video I (Sarah) put together the below Dwarfs deck to play against Tom, who was playing Merlin Bounce. You can watch the gameplay video here, or at the bottom of this article! We’ve been asked by a number of viewers for the decklist, ask and you shall receive!  



3x Bashful – Hopeless Romantic, 4x Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation, 4x Doc – Leader of the Seven Dwarfs, 2x Dopey – Always Playful, 4x Grumpy – Bad-Tempered, 3x Happy – Good-Natured, 2x Maleficent – Sorceress, 3x Maximus – Palace Horse, 4x Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing, 4x Simba – Protective Cub, 3x Sleepy – Nodding Off, 4x Sneezy – Very Allergic, 4x Snow White – Unexpected Houseguest, 4x Snow White – Well Wisher.


4x Be Our Guest, 4x Friends On The Other Side, 4x World’s Greatest Criminal Mind.

Why Amethyst?

This deck is largely a mono Amber deck. Originally I planned to pair it with Sapphire for the ramp, but with both Snow White - Unexpected Houseguest and Doc - Leader of the Seven Dwarfs allowing you to play a dwarf/any character for 1 less, it wasn't needed. What the deck was in need of was card draw, either to find Snow White - Unexpected Houseguest early game, or to dig for the Dwarfs.


Find Snow White – Unexpected Houseguest as close to round 2 as possible so you can begin ramping out the Dwarf characters. The more you have out the stronger they become. Doc – Leader of the Seven Dwarfs is a great round 3 card giving you a further discount after he quests. There are three Songs in the deck to aid with card draw and removal which Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation being a Singer 3 character can sing. Simba – Protective Cub and Maximus – Palace Horse are Bodyguards. Their role is to protect an early Snow White – Unexpected Houseguest play, and give you time to play out more Dwarfs. Especially Sleepy – Nodding Off who enters play exerted and venerable to being challenged. Look to shift the 2 cost Snow White into Snow White – Well Wisher when you no longer need the discount for a bigger quest threat.

And finally...

This deck was put together during The Rise of the Floodborn spoiler season, before we knew the complete set. Therefore there’s surely room for improvement. I’ll be looking to tweak the deck and play more with the Dwarfs in an upcoming gameplay video so make sure you subscribe to our channel!

Watch the Gameplay Video