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Lorcana TCG Gameplay Decklists: Beastie Boys VS Flute Songs

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Here are the decklists: Beastie Boys (Emerald/Steel) VS Flute Songs (Amber/Steel) from our recent gameplay video which can be found over on our YouTube channel HERE.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Emerald and Steel inks. There are a total of 14 Emerald cards and 46 Steel cards. A total of 42 Characters and 18 Action cards, 6 of which are songs. There are 47 inkable and 13 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Beastie Boys deck Emerald/Steel technicals



3x Beast – Forbidding Recluse, 4x Beast – Relentless, 2x Beast – Selfless Protector, 4x Beast – Tragic Hero, 4x Captain Hook – Forceful Duelist, 2x Enchantress – Unexpected Judge, 3x Flynn Rider – Charming Rogue, 4x Hans – Thirteenth in Line, 4x Robin Hood – Capable Fighter, 4x Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy, 4x Tinker Bell – Tiny Tactician, 4x The Prince – Never Gives Up.


3x Fire the Cannons!, 3x Grab Your Sword, 3x Let the Storm Rage On, 2x Pack Tactics, 3x Ring the Bell, 4x Smash.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Beastie Boys (Emerald/Steel) decklist


This deck is mostly built around ways to help Beast – Relentless achieve his reset. Beast – Forbidding Recluse, Hans – Thirteenth in Line, Robin Hood – Capable Fighter, Tinker Bell – Giant Fairy, Fire the Cannons!, Grab Your Sword, Let the Storm Rage On and Smash will all trigger his reset ability.

There are also other Beast options including Beast – Tragic Hero for card draw and Beast – Selfless Protector to take some of the pressure off your other characters. The Prince – Never Gives Up is also very good at protecting your characters with his Bodyguard keyword.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amber and Steel inks. There are a total of 39 Amber cards and 21 Steel cards. A total of 39 Characters, 4 Items, and 17 Action cards, all of which are songs. There are 45 inkable and 15 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Flute Songs deck Amber/Steel technicals



4x Ariel – Spectacular Singer, 4x Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation, 3x Cinderella – Knight in Training, 4x Cinderella – Stouthearted, 4x Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing, 4x Simba – Protective Cub, 4x Stitch – New Dog, 4x Stitch – Rock Star, 4x The Queen – Commanding Presence, 4x The Queen – Regal Monarch.


4x Sleepy’s Flute.


3x A Whole New World, 3x Be Our Guest, 4x Grab Your Sword, 4x Let the Storm Rage On, 3x Strength of a Raging Fire.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Flute Songs (Amber/Steel) decklist

Strategy for

Singing songs is the main focus in this deck and there are 17 to choose from. Ariel – Spectacular Singer can help you search for them. She has the Singer 5 keyword which means she can sing any of them, especially useful for the higher costed songs such as A Whole New World and Grab Your Sword. Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation can also sing above her card cost with Singer 3 so either of them in your opening hand is worth keeping during the mulligan. She can later be shifted into Cinderella – Stouthearted which will offer a stronger option mid-late game.

Playing Sleepy’s Flute early on will help you benefit from gaining lore when playing songs so this is also worth ‘mulliganing’ for.

The Queen – Regal Monarch shifting into The Queen – Commanding Presence is always something to look for. Simba – Protective Cub is a good Bodyguard option to protect your other characters. Stitch – Rock Star and Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing are your card draw options.

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