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Lorcana TCG Gameplay Decklists: Royal Resist VS Bounce

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Here are the decklists: Royal Resist (Amber/Steel) VS Bounce (Amethyst/Emerald) from our recent gameplay video which can be found over on our YouTube channel HERE.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amber and Steel inks. There are a total of 39 Amber cards and 21 Steel cards. A total of 48 Characters, 4 Items, and 8 Action cards, all of which are songs. There are 47 inkable and 13 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Royal Resist deck Amber/Steel technicals



4x Ariel – Spectacular Singer, 4x Cinderella – Ballroom Sensation, 2x Cinderella – Knight in Training, 3x Cinderella – Stouthearted, 4x Grand Duke – Advisor to the King, 4x Moana – Of Motunui, 4x Rapunzel – Gifted with Healing, 4x The Prince – Never Gives Up, 4x The Queen – Commanding Presence, 4x The Queen – Regal Monarch, 4x Simba – Protective Cub, 4x Snow White – Lost in the Forest, 3x Snow White – Well Wisher.


4x Mouse Armor.


3x Grab Your Sword, 3x Let the Storm Rage On, 2x Strength of a Raging Fire.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Royal Resist (Amber/Steel) decklist


This is a thematic deck consisting mostly of Princes, Princesses and Queens in order to benefit from Grand Duke – Advisor to the King and gaining +1 strength to each of those characters. There are also Resist options in the deck to make use of all the challenging.

There are several shift options with The Queen, Snow White and a number of Cinderella characters.

The Prince – Never Gives Up and Simba – Protective Cub can help protect your other characters as they have the Bodyguard keyword. They are also Prince characters therefore benefitting from the +1 Strength should Grand Duke be in play. Using Mouse armor on them too makes them pretty strong road blocks, particularly The Prince – Never Gives Up who already benefits from Resist +1.

Allowing Moana – Of Motunui to ready your Princess characters (24 in the deck) for another round of challenging can really swing the board state in your favour.

Classic Steel options to deal damage from hand with Grab Your Sword, Let the Storm Rage On, and Strength of a Raging Fire further increase your options to clear your opponents board.

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This deck contains 60 cards from the Amethyst and Steel inks. There are a total of 50 Amethyst cards and 10 Steel cards. A total of 50 Characters and 10 Action cards, 7 of which are songs. There are 46 inkable and 14 non-inkable cards.

Lorcana Bounce deck Amethyst/Emerald technicals



3x Archimedes – Highly Educated Owl, 4x Arthur – Wizard’s Apprentice, 4x Flynn Rider – Confident Vagabond, 4x HeiHei – Persistent Presence, 4x Madam Mim – Fox, 4x Madam Mim – Purple Dragon, 4x Madam Mim – Snake, 4x Maleficent – Biding Her Time, 4x Maleficent – Sorceress, 3x Merlin – Crab, 4x Merlin – Goat, 4x Yzma – Alchemist, 4x Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason.


3x Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, 3x Bounce, 4x Friends on the Other Side.

LaserGaming Lorcana Gameplay series Bounce (Amethyst/Emerald) decklist

Strategy for

This is a slightly altered version of my favourite Bounce deck that I have been playing a lot since Rise Of The Floodborn. The main focus of this deck is to bounce Merlin characters back to hand to benefit from their abilities. There are several other bounce related plays too.

When played or when he leaves play, Merlin – Goat allows you to gain a lore and Merlin – Crab gives a chosen character Challenger +3 this turn which can help with challenging. Any of the Madam Mim characters, Arthur – Wizard’s Apprentice, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo and Bounce will all allow you to bounce Merlin characters. I took out Merlin – Rabbit as there were too many non-inkables. I replaced it with Friends On The Other Side for the card draw.

Some passive bounce options include HeiHei – Persistent Presence and Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason who can shift onto Yzma – Alchemist. Some of which can be used defensively or offensively.

Card draw options are Friends On The Other Side, Maleficent – Sorceress, Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason.

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