Custom Products

Quantity/Colour Change

Our gaming tokens have been designed for each specific game, making sure the colours are relevant to each of those games mechanics. The sets have been organised appropriately to complement the quantities needed to enjoy that particular game. 
If you would like to change token quantities within a set, swap out a particular product or change the colours of certain tokens, please get in touch and we will create a custom order for you. Please note there may be an additional charge depending on the customisation.

Our standard Aember KeyForge tokens in ‘shocking pink’.


Star Wars Destiny Resources Blue

Our standard Star Wars Destiny Resource tokens in Black and Blue.


We can engrave your name or personal message onto some of our products. Simply contact us before ordering to discuss in detail.
We can also engrave tournament names, team names, dates and unique event information. For more information, take a look at our Event Prizing.
Token Boxes with Personalisation

Logo or Team Name

If you would like your logo or a unique design on one of our existing products, please send us a message. 
If you are providing your own logo or design, we charge a set fee of £25 for the CAD work. This includes a single sample cut. This is a one off fee and additional to the cost of the products themselves. Any future order with the same logo/design will not incur the extra fee.
If you are not providing your own logo or design, we can work with you to produce one. The cost will vary depending on the complexity of your design. For the design process, prices start from £25 for the first hour, and £15p/h thereafter. The process will very much be a collaboration between yourself and us. We will produce several iterations and sample cuts before proceeding with the final outcome. We will then charge you for material & production costs for the final product. Any future order with the same logo/design will not incur the design fee again unless changes are made to it.
We have worked with a number of individuals and gaming groups to produce their own logo on our existing products. 

Custom Blood Bowl Box with Teenage Mutant Reptile Rangers Team Logo.

Manchester Mavericks KeyForge

We worked with Manchester Mavericks to create their own KeyForge aember tokens utilising their logo.


Custom KeyForge Tokens Team Exalted

We worked with Team Exalted to produce their logo onto our KeyForge aember tokens.

Bespoke products

Should you wish to create a bespoke product or create your logo on an item that isn’t in our existing catalogue, please get in touch. Costs will vary depending on the complexity and work involved. Below are some examples of bespoke products we have made for customers.
Magic the Gathering Custom Tokens

Bespoke tokens for Magic the Gathering

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