Destiny SMASH Phase 3 Spoiler - Wedge Antilles

We have an exclusive spoiler for phase 3 of Dice Commando’s Destiny SMASH, a pick-up and play limited-style format!

Wedge was one of the main characters from Legacies to introduce indirect damage to the game, and it looks like he’ll be taking the indirect crown for the SMASH format.

We’ve excited to see his deck introduces C-3PO to the format and includes a Destiny great, the Y-Wing!

Wedge - Destiny Smash

The complete deck:

Destiny SMASH Phase 3 releases this Friday! Make sure you check out the Dice Commando YouTube Channel for full details!

If you’re new to the SMASH format then watch the below video to learn more about Phase 1.

Go Commando!