LaserGaming began as a small operation between Digital Designer Sarah and Model Maker Tom. With a shared love for board games and creativity, they began making tokens to use for themselves for the games they love to play. LaserGaming has continued to grow and are now selling products for a range of card and tabletop games.

They share a love for Star Wars Destiny playing at home, online, at their local play group: The Ludoquist, and competitively at Organised Play events. A highlight for them both was when they travelled to Minnesota, USA where they competed in the Worlds 2019 event along with players all over the World.

Tom Taylor - LaserGaming

Tom began collecting Warhammer from an early age and has followed the hobby ever since. He enjoys playing Blood Bowl, Underworlds, Zombicide, Star Wars Destiny, Legion, Imperial Assault & KeyForge.

When he is not gaming, he can be found in his workshop constructing & making.

Sarah Evans LaserGaming

Sarah’s love for Star Wars Destiny has seen her reach Top 4 in the European Championships 2018, Top 2 at Nationals 2019 and take the crown as Regional Winner at Cheltenham in 2019.

She also enjoys playing games such as Zombicide, Star Wars Imperial Assault and the Pokemon TCG.


You can reach out to us by emailing us at info@lasergamingshop.com